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Scar had a difficult time trying to keep up with the others.  They had to wait for him on six seperate occasions and Zaroth was starting to lose patience.  Takeo had wondered if there was some sort of injury that Scar had.  It looked like it, because he kept left front paw up as if it was broken.

"What is wrong?" Takeo asked.  The grey dragon looked up at him.  

"Nothing, just sprained my ankle that's all." Scar winced as he try to set it back down, then he quickly pulled it back up.  "The apes often tortured me to amuse themselves.  My ankle hurts because they broke my legs and made me walk.  Then they healed my wounds, but left my ankle in pain."

"We could fix it with those red crystals your kind is so fond of." Hunter suggested.  "Problem is, I don't see any around."

"I won't slow anyone down, I promise." Scar said firmly.  He set back to his limping while the others watched with concern.  Takeo scanned the area if there were any red gem clusters.  There weren't any that he could see.  He wanted to set off to find some, but for all he knew, the next red gem cluster could be several miles away.

"Not much longer to Warfang anyways.  Once we get there, they can heal your ankle." Hunter said, walking off again with Zaroth right behind him.  

"How much longer?" Takeo asked, walking up next to Scar.  

"About three hours."

"Bah..." Takeo grunted, but kept walking with them.  He felt for his Eviscerator to see if it was still there.  It was.  Despite it's great power, Takeo often had trouble with the weight.  It was light, lighter than even the Arisaka, so often times Takeo couldn't tell if he still had it with him.

There was an overcast in the sky and it offered very a generous reprive from the afternoon's prievious barrage of heat.  It was cool enough for Takeo to put his hood and mask on without it bothering him.  The overcast had cast a shade of grey across the lands, more so than on Earth.  Takeo looked up and could see the overcast wasn't overly thick, he could still tell where the sun was, but the cool air and darker shade of grey reminded him that he wasn't on Earth and there could be many more weather patterns of Avalar that he doesn't know about.


"What do you mean my garrison at Munition's Forge was destroyed?! When?!"

There was giant dark dragon with an angry snarl on his face towering over an ape.  The ape quaked in fear, but dare not run away.  

"Four days ago! I-it's true my lord.  None survived.  The eruption did very little damage to the actual force, b-but there was an outside attack..." The ape stammered.


"An ape like us master Malefor, with grey armor. He destroyed the garrison!" The ape screamed as the dragon lifted his paw up, but the scream was silenced when the ape was beheaded.

Malefor looked down at the corpse of the ape.  With a disgusted look, he ordered two Grublins in the same room to remove the body, to which they did with great delight.

"Useless, the whole lot.  I knew these apes were terrible, but this is insulting.  And one of their own has the gall to betray me." Malefor turned his head to another Grublin flying about.  It stopped and looked at the dragon when he approached it.  

"Begin your purge.  I want no apes remaining alive by the end of tommorrow, do you understand?" Malefor growled.  The Grublin chittered and flew away down a corridor.

"Spyro, Cynder, Zoidius, and four...what are they called? Humans? Four humans." The dragon walked over to massive cluster of violet gems that glowed when he touched it with his paw.  Inside were moving images of past events.  Starting from the fall of Dante's Freezer and ending to the battle at the Well of Souls.  He payed particular attention to the images of Zoidius.  There was massive history between his forces and the plasma dragon, especially from that of Cynder when she was still under the influence of evil.  Malefor then contemplated ways to torture and execute him when he will be captured.  

Malefor then focused his attention onto the moving images of the humans.  He watched as he saw them fighting off his soldiers, the pirates and wild beasts with their weapons.  He now knew that three of them were incapcitated with Spyro, Cynder and Zoidius inside the massive time crystal that Spyro created to prevent their deaths at the Well of Souls collapse, but the fourth one was unaccounted for.  The ape scouts were completely useless and they relayed bad information, but he knew that he was traveling with a cheetah.  The cheetahs were reclusive characters, especially with dragons, so he made it an effort to find this cheetah.  He sent an order out across the violet gems to search for the cheetah and the human.  He then removed his paw and looked out a window next to the cluster.  It was dark around his abode, but he could see the massive open skies in the distance.  

He walked to a hallway of portraits of many different dragons.  Most of them were meaningless but one particular one, he stared at with a sense of longing.  On the portrait was a a dragoness that was purple, but a lighter shade of purle compared to himself.  She had a pink front left foot and a pink right hind foot.  She was posed in a very elegant manner, looking off into the distance as if contemplating about great events in the future.  

With one paw, he touched the frame of the portrait and said, "Come home soon sister..."  He placed his paw back down and continued down the hallway.


Soon Warfang came into sight.  Takeo was impressed by the city, it was built directly into the mountain preventing from back attacks.  Takeo then assumed that they had multiple escape routes because it was also the perfect trap.  If you have no secondary escapes and the front was blocked off, then you would be stuck there.  

Zaroth stayed behind as he was sure that the city wouldn't allow an ape to enter so Takeo and Hunter took Scar.  They entered the city through the main gates and were greeted by intense light and sounds of chattering.  They could see countless of moles and dragons hustling about the entire area with many different items.  Some looked to be construction workers, some were merchants, and others were just citizens selling and buying goods or taking strolls.  The amount of dragons in one place surprised Takeo as the biggest concentration he had seen was that of Toran's village and it didn't have a population more than a hundred.

The residents didn't seem to mind or even notice for that matter, the cheetah, the human and the grey dragon.  Hunter lead them across the hustling marketplace and through the alleys of the city.  They were big enough for four fully grown dragons to walk through without trouble of room, but Takeo couldn't help but wonder how many moles have gotten crushed under the massive weight of dragons.  He cleared his head of irrelevant thinking and focused on their current matters.  Hunter lead them through garden walkways and residential districts where dragon hatchlings played with each other or with moles.  

"Have you been here before?" Takeo asked as he kept in pace with Hunter.  Scar wasn't far behind, but he stopped every so often to get good observations of the areas they walked through.

"Yes, quite often infact, but usually to sell meat and pelts of beasts I have killed.  The pelts are quite sought after by the moles for good clothing and the meat for the dragons.  The Inhue Wolves of the southern reaches have good qualities of both meat and fur." Hunter answered with a nod.  He led them through more sections of the city, though this time Takeo noticed it looked much more regal.  There were more dragons, but no hatchlings and there were a few moles that were dressed in bright colored clothing.  The dragons themselves were wearing robes or light clothing that was embroidered with golden laces and gems.  

"Where are we now?" Scar asked this time.  

"We are in the governmental district. Dragons from all over the lands of Avalar have often come here, representing their provinces and kingdoms.  I came to these sections a few times myself with Chief Prowlus."  Hunter smiled at Scar and continued to lead them.

"Governmental district? I thought dragons were all united." Takeo inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"They are very close to kin with each other, but still, each dragon from different regions have their own laws, customs, trade agreements, culture.  While one group of dragons may not answer to a ruler of another province, all dragons from every province give de facto rule to the Guardians, especially during times of crisis."

"You seem to know much..." Scar observed.  A red dragon wearing sapphire robes walked past them and stopped to speak with a silver dragon wearing nothing but gold and gems.  

"I pay attention.  Chief Prowlus would often being doing talks with seperate dragon representatives and I always pay attention to those that speak around me." Hunter said with a small hint of pride.  

"And the moles?"  Scar asked, looking at a small group of moles speaking with one green dragon wearing rings around the horns and a large emerald around the neck.  

"Same way with the moles.  They have massive underground communities similar to the dragons' up here.  They each have their own laws and traditions.  Warfang is a cultural melting pot and has been unofficialy dubbed the capital of the lands of Avalar. Even the moles will defer to the dragons for protection."  

Dragons, apes, dog pirates, cheetahs and now moles that were highly intelliegent. Now I've seen everything! Takeo thought in his mind.  

"How come the Guardians don't involved themselves more so with the politics of this world?" Takeo asked.

"Probably because it's too much for them.  There are only four of them and if they were to take absolute power then they would be much more responsible for the billions of lives that fall under their jurisdiction.  That's probably why they restrict to use that power only in times of great emergencies.  They trust that the rulers of the provinces will keep his or her own people in check." Hunter replied.

After more trekking, they finally reached the Temple.  The Temple itself looked very different than the one in the swamp.  For one, it was much cleaner looking as well as being bigger.  The front door stood thirty feet, was round and there were two dragon statues on either side standing vigil.  

"Can we just go in?" Takeo asked.

"I don't know. Only one way to find out." Hunter went to the door and tapped it with his shortsword.  The door rumbled and it rose from the ground.  They were blasted with wave of cool air, offering some more relief of the heat, despite the overcast that was in the skies.  

The three of them stepped in very cautiously and took a look around.  They looked to be in a main audience chamber.  Inside was a massive table with a giant map of Avalar on it.  There were also countless shelves filled with many books of varying cover colors and sizes.  

"Why hello there." came a gentle voice. It was male.  "Ahh Takeo Masaki, how wonderful to see you again..."

After several moments of being unable to determine the source of the voice, a red dragon came out of the shadows with a smile on his face.           

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